Marlborough Office Center Our clients represent a cross-section of local, national and international business. What they have in common is a need for turn-key, all-inclusive office space. If you are considering moving out of your “at-home” office, starting a new company, or downsizing from your current space, please take a look at what our clients have to say about Marlborough Office Center.

“I have been working in the Financial Services Industry for almost 40 years. During the course of my career I have located my business in both traditional straight / leased office space, and in Office Business Centers. Cost comparisons have shown both arrangements to net out equally. Letting someone else manage my telephones, internet network, furniture needs and utilities means I have more time to devote to my clients. For this reason I favor the Office Business Center arrangement and have been with Marlborough Office Center for over 7 years.”

– Michael Walsh, CFP, Retirement Distribution Planning

“I have located my company at Marlborough Office Center for as long as I have been in business, which is 21 years. Not having to worry about the phone system, internet connections, copier issues, to say nothing about hiring a receptionist, has been invaluable. In fact, having a live receptionist instead of an answering system is the single greatest reason for the rent I pay – it’s all-inclusive. While there may be other Office Business Centers to choose from, none could surpass the responsiveness and attention to detail provided by Marlborough Office Center.”

– Bob Cassidy, President, Cassidy & Fishman, Inc.

“My business was located within the friendly, professional environment of Marlborough Office Center for over 4 years. The owners and staff at Marlborough Office Center were very helpful, friendly and efficient, and worked hard to make sure that everyone in my company had everything we needed to manage our business successfully. We were well represented by the professional and courteous staff members who operated the office, administered the phone service and secured our deliveries carefully and professionally. Our guests were always greeted graciously and made to feel welcome. We would still be in the Office Business Center if we had not grown so rapidly and moved on to our own space. I highly recommend Marlborough Office Center as a professional office arrangement and service to help you grow your business and maintain relationships with your customers.”

– Steve Akers, CEO/President and Founder, Auraria Networks, Inc.

“As the Director of the US division of a multi-national company, I have found the service and flexibility at Marlborough Office Center to fit my needs perfectly. We have been able to expand from one office to multiple offices with no problems – allowing my team to grow as our business grows. Marlborough Office Center has been able to seamlessly manage our increasing telephone call load with ease. Our customers are not aware of the fact that our receptionist is shared among many other companies. At this point it makes sense for us to locate here because everything is taken care of, and I’m able to better focus on continuing to grow the business.”

– Peter Caparso, Director, A Multi-National Internet Banking Company